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Build your website in minutes
Enter your art data, choose a domain name, select a theme and launch your website
Grow your web presence with a website that is connected to your art data in Biafarin portal and stays up to date.
Your Artistic International Online ID
Claim your rightful online place in the art world and get benefits including:
Free to start with

We believe your great art should be available to all online and as our mission is to create equal chances for every artist, Biafarin provides a free for all website solution for artists to present their art data in a sub-domain of Biafarin. Just add your art data in your free Biafarin account and get a free link to your website.

Biafarin portal is available in 10 languages. It means your art data can be showcased to the world in 10 languages through your website. Imagine how it improves your communication and chances, when your website is available for art collectors in their native languages.
Dynamic Data

Your website is dynamic and synced automatically with your art data in Biafarin portal. As your art career grows, your website follows it and stays up-to-date.
Responsive Design

Customize fonts and choose colors and layouts with just a few clicks in preview mode and see the results in live mode instantly. The responsive design looks great on all devices with no effort from your side.
Full Control

With a simple click, decide to publish an artwork or an artist data to your website or keep it private, you are in full control to keep your art data to yourself or to share it with the world in your website.
Engage and Grow

We offer several widgets to enhance your communication with your website visitors. From share and comment features to user-friendly blogging, you have access to everything you need to present your art, engage with viewers and make new fans.
Artwork Sales

While it is important to distribute and sell your art through different channels, nothing compares with selling through your own website. The feature to sell your art through your online store in your website, is an answer to this essential need.
SEO and Reports

Biafarin websites are built with search engine optimization (SEO) features and live website statistics and reporting are available to help you monitor and optimize your website performance.
Enhance your online presence
Learn how to extend your online identity faster
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Frequently Asked Questions
I need a free website, can you help me?

Yes, You can build your free website in 3 simple steps. Open a free artist account, Add your artist resume and artworks data in Biafarin Portal and finally Review your website preview and go live. Your website will be available in a sub-domain address of Biafarin.
How to get my website in my personal domain address?

Leave us a note with the domain address that you have in mind. We purchase the domain for you and transfer your free website to your personal domain address. If you already own your personal domain, send us the authorization code and arrangements to transfer your website to your personal domain in no time.
Will you renew my domain and website?

Yes, we will keep you informed when there is time for renewing your website. Your website will remain live and open to the world as long as you wish.
Can I change my data in my website by myself?

Yes, you have full control over your data to publish or keep private at any time. Any changes in your Biafarin account will result immediate change in your website data.
Can I change my website colors and look and feel?

Yes, all websites created using Biafarin website builder are customizable by artists.
Can I have more than one domain?

Yes, you can have more than one domain and show your data in several domains to increase your web presence. Some artists fancy to have one domain with their name and another with an artistic name of their choice. There is no limitation from Biafarin side to achieve this goal.
Is my website mobile-friendly?

Yes, your dynamic auto populated website looks great in any device including mobiles. Biafarin responsive design makes it possible with no effort from your side.
How many languages my website will have?

Currently, Biafarin multi-lingual websites can present artists data in 10 languages that include English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Arabic and Persian.
Can I sell my artworks from my website?

Yes, Biafarin Pro Website plan includes a built-in online shop in artist's website that enables artists to sell their art through their own websites.
How can I get a free website in my own personal domain?

A free website is attached to each Biafarin Blue, Gold and Platinum annual package. Artists with annual package enjoy a free website in their own personal domain, along with many advantages offered by their annual package.
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