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Sell Online

Today, presenting and selling artworks online is a necessity as online art market is booming. Biafarin platform matches your art with online shops and galleries preferences worldwide and distributes your art data to the matched list to increase your chances to sell.
Data Review

We check your submitted data for online sales and make sure that everything is in order, before sending your data to online galleries. So, you can rest assure that you won't be let down because of not following the terms and rules of the galleries and shops.
Valuable Advice

Choosing the right artwork for the right online portal is not an easy or straightforward process. We are here to make that easier for you by matching your artworks with online art galleries and shops.
No Service Fee

We encourage artists to sign-up for an annual package, because it gives us the chance to serve you better and also artists with Blue, Gold and Platinum package pay no service fee.

After online distribution process of your artworks is complete, our main goal is to promote your art and increase your chances for selling your art.
Free Shipment

Artists with Gold and Platinum annual package enjoy a free shipment to the buyer.
Sales Tracking

It is easy to lose track of artworks, when submitting them for various services. We keep you on track and updated about your artworks in online galleries and shops.

As your art business home, we provide you with unlimited access to check and review your artworks data for each online sales order.
More Revenue Streams

Selling original artworks online is the first step. We help you to make more revenue through offering prints of your original artworks and selling your art on merchandises and through artwork placement.
Easy Submission

Finding the right online galleries and distributing your artworks to each of the online stores is hard and time consuming. With Biafarin, you just need a couple of clicks to submit your data via Biafarin portal for all online stores in our network.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need to sell my artworks online?

Online art galleries and shops have been on the rise and the online art market has shown a steady growth. Therefore, presenting and selling your art on the net is a wonderful chance to increase your sales and find new fans for your art.
Why showing and selling artworks in various online galleries is important?

Presenting your art in various online galleries is tough, but it is an excellent way to increase your art exposure, get discovered by art experts and art lovers, develop your artistic career and make more money creating art. And it is an easy task, when you use Biafarin!
Can I sell prints of a sold original artwork?

As the creator of your sold artwork, you are able to sell print of your artwork, if you hold all the necessary authorization and rights for selling prints of your artwork according to your sales contract for original artwork.
What data I need to provide to sell my artwork in Biafarin?

Biafarin platform guides you step-by-step to place your order and the required data for using this service. It is a simple unified process like other Biafarin services with easy-to-use interfaces.
Is it possible to exclude some of online shops?

Yes, while submitting your online sales order, you can inform us about your excluding list and those stores will be removed from your matched list.
Do I need to be accepted to sell in some online galleries?

Yes, many galleries and online shops have a process for adding an artwork to their inventory. Biafarin will handle the acceptance process and will update you accordingly.
Do I need to send my original artwork to sell it online in a website?

No, you keep your artwork with you and ship it when a purchase of your original artwork is confirmed.
Can I sell an artwork in several online shops?

Most of the online galleries and shops have no exclusivity to limit you to show your art only through their store. If there are any limitation like this, Biafarin will inform you before sending your data to that online shop.
Do you take a commission on my sales?

No. Biafarin won't take any cut from the art created and presented by artists. Please note that some of the shops and online galleries will take a commission based on their terms of service.
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