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About Biafarin
What is Biafarin?How can I use Biafarin services?
Biafarin is a Multi-layered Art Marketplace. Biafarin ecosystem includes a multi-lingual portal, support team and a network of art businesses.Click on Join button to register for using Biafarin services. You will receive an invitation to enter Biafarin platform after your registration is reviewed and activated.
How can Biafarin help me to present my art in international market?What types of artists can use Biafarin services?
Biafarin empowers artists to promote and sell their art through 30+ art services. Biafarin services are delivered through Biafarin platform which connects artists and art businesses, while the support and marketing team monitor, maintain and communicate with artists and art businesses to supervise and ensure quality of offered services.Biafarin is open to all visual artists worldwide. There is no limitation for artists to use Biafarin services in Painting, Drawing, Calligraphy, Photography, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Graphics and Crafts art categories.
Does having an account in Biafarin limit me from working with others?Can my agent use your services to present me?
No. Not at all. Biafarin services are offered non-exclusive to artists. Therefore, opening an account with us and using Biafarin services do not limit or stop you from working with others.Yes. You need to introduce your agent to us when you register to Biafarin or write to us later, if already have an account with us. In your note, you also need to clarify your intentions for giving access to your agent to use Biafarin for presenting you.
How can I register to Biafarin services?Is joining Biafarin free?
For registration, please click on Join button on top-right of your screen and complete the registration form. After reviewing your registration, if accepted, you will receive an invitation to enter Biafarin.Yes, registration in Biafarin is free. Along with registration, several art services are offered free to artists.
What is an annual Package?What to do if I forgot my password?
Starting in Biafarin and using couple of services in Biafarin is free for all artists. Many artists choose to invest in an annual package and enjoy its benefits in Biafarin.Enter Biafarin website and click on sign-in link. Enter your email address and click on "Forgot Password" link. You will receive a link to create a new password for entering Biafarin portal.
What to do if my email is not accepted to login?Do I have to pay any other fees to Biafarin, after investing in an annual package?
If you have entered your email address correctly and with no space at the end, probably you have registered in Biafarin portal with another email address. Please write to Biafarin support to get help for entering your account.No. Your payment for an annual package enables you to use the listed services in your package for free. You will also receive discounts whenever you need to pay for third party fees.
Artist Representation
Do I need to release any of my artistic rights to you for presenting me?Do you charge any commission on my art sales?
No. Biafarin won't take any of your rights and you as the creator of your art, will keep all the rights to your artworks. We only receive your permission to present, promote and sell your art, while you create some more.No. We do not believe in punishing successful artists. The more you sell, the happier we are. We only charge our service fee for Basic artists, if you have not already invested in an annual package.
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