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Maximize your gain from each exhibition and get benefits including:
Venue Booking

Booking a gallery for your upcoming show can be quite a challenge. Biafarin platform automatically matches your art show materials with galleries based on your goal settings and sends your request to those galleries. Then, we follow it up and come back to you with a detailed list of venues that are interested in showcasing your art.
Data Review

We check your submitted data and make sure that everything is in order, before sending your data to galleries matching your request. This way, we increase the chance of your artworks to be accepted for a show.
Smart Choice

We send reports of galleries that are interested in showcasing your art and help you to choose the right venue for your exhibition to optimize the outcome.
No Service Fee

We encourage artists to sign-up for an annual package, because it gives us the chance to serve you better and also artists with Blue, Gold and Platinum package pay no service fee for Exhibition service.

After selecting the right gallery to showcase your art, our main goal is to promote your show and increase your chances for selling your artworks.
Status Report

It is easy to lose the track of your artworks when get involved in several solo and group art exhibitions. We follow up your art exhibitions and keep you on track and updated about your shows.

As your art business home, we provide you with unlimited access to check and review your submitted data for each exhibition. It gives you insight about what has worked before and will help you to choose better in future exhibitions.

While we follow up for exhibition certificates for your shows from galleries, we also provide you with exhibition digital certificates issued by Biafarin, when you book your exhibition through us. The issued certificate is printable and it is also possible to check its validity with a unique certificate code through Biafarin website.

Our goal is to assist artists in their career growth and create equal chances for all artists worldwide. Therefore, we provide free translation service to make sure all artist and artwork data is correctly translated.
Go Live

To maximize exposure and your chances to sell more artworks during your exhibition, we strongly suggest to simultaneously showcase your exhibition online using Live page feature in Biafarin. It creates a unique link for your show and you can promote and sell your artworks by sharing the link for free.
Online Exhibition

The online art market is booming and online exhibition is a step forward in your future art career to showcase, promote and sell your art with less expenses.
Receive Unbiased Reviews

To help artists gain more from each exhibition, the Live feature also enables artists to receive viewers unbiased opinions through a simple QR code attached to each artwork label and artist statement in each exhibition.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Biafarin provide online exhibition for my artworks?

Yes, you can order for both online and venue-based exhibition separately or simultaneously.
Does Biafarin find the venues for my exhibition?

Yes. After receiving your exhibition order, Biafarin portal matches your order data with galleries in the network and provides a list of available art galleries, interested in showing your art.
What if I do not like to have my exhibition in any of suggested galleries?

No problem. If you do not like to have your show held in one of the interested galleries, it is your choice that matters. You'll share your concerns with us and we will continue to find other matched galleries for your exhibition. Since, our network of galleries is always growing, we are positive that we will find a suitable venue for your exhibition in time.
What if no gallery is interested in showing my artworks?

We never have seen such situation rises, because of our vast galleries network. If that's the case, Biafarin will continue to find a gallery for you, while at the same time, we suggest you to start showing your artworks in an online exhibition followed by some group exhibitions.
What is the difference between Live Page and Online Exhibition?

Live page is a feature, free to all artists in Biafarin to create a link of their artworks to be shared by artist. Online exhibition is a service in which Biafarin will promote and arrange for sales process in an online exhibition through Biafarin network.
How many exhibitions can I order?

There is no limitation from Biafarin side. While some artists participate in several group and online exhibitions and organize at least one solo exhibition each year, some others choose to have less or more, depending the rate of their art creation and goals. We encourage artists to show their artworks as they create them.
Does exhibition service covers both solo and group exhibitions?

Yes, using Exhibition service, you can order for both solo and group exhibitions.
Do I need to know all other artists to participate in a group exhibition?

No. Biafarin, in cooperation with galleries and curators, curates the group shows and you do not need to know all other participant artists in a group exhibition to order one, but if you like, you can suggest some participants.
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