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Get Feedback from Art Experts
Receive valuable critiques from art writers
Grow your art career with unbiased reviews
Maximize your gain from each artwork and get benefits including:
Visitors' Opinions

Artists want to know what people think about their art. After all, you have created a piece of art and put your soul and spirit into it. Now, hearing good jobs or thank you, won't cut it for you. You need to be inside the viewer's mind and heart. Receiving reviews about your art from art experts and art lovers gives you the opportunity to know what people really think and feel about your artworks.
More Sales

It is important to know why your art makes your fans excited, how an art critic is touched by your professionalism or in what areas an art expert thinks that you need to improve. It is the gateway to more sales. It will help you to know your audience better and to get better in selling your art to your target art market.

Receiving an honest, unbiased review from either art experts or art lovers is a great way to know how your audience think and feel about your art, to remain on your toes and to get better in creating fantastic art.

Earn a spot in Biafarin website. All artists who receive a score higher than 75 from 100 will earn a spot on Biafarin website to further promoting their art.

When you ask for a review or an art critique, you are asking people opinions about your art. By sharing an artwork with a review attached to it, you engage further with your followers and it gives your art a fantastic chance to be seen with more depth.
Publish in Media

Publishing a received critique from an art expert or a set of reviews from fans in media enhances your art career development. It gives your fans and collectors a better idea about your art concept and engages them more in your art journey, while increases your chances to present and sell your art. Biafarin negotiates and arranges for your critique to be published in both online art media and print magazines worldwide.
Receive critiques from art experts
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who will write a review about my art?

Reviews from both art experts and fans are available to artists through Biafarin portal.
Who will read a written review about my art?

Each written review, either by a fan or an art expert will be sent to you first. After your confirmation, you can share it on your website, social media or order a publication to share it with art world through media.
What is a review from an art lover?

Biafarin sends your artworks to art lovers according to your art characteristics and reports back how they think and feel about your art.
Why do I need a review?

Through an unbiased review, either by an art lover or an art critic, you will receive valuable data and will know how your target audience might feel and think about your art. It will also help you to become a more popular artist and grow your artistic career further.
Can I publish my review in my website?

Yes, you can. After receiving your review either from fans or art critics, you are free to publish it in your website and social media links.
Will Biafarin publish my review?

Yes, Upon your acceptance for publishing your review, Biafarin will share your review with print and online media and will send you the links.
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