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Store Unlimited Art Data, Free for Life
Keep your art data organized and accessible to share and create reports

Photo by Max Langellot on Unsplash
Get organized and share professionally
Free and easy-to-use service with great benefits including:
Free Forever

Yes, it is free for all artists worldwide. Artist and artwork data storage organization has been made free for all. No need to worry about data entry limits, enter your entire career art data, this is totally unlimited and free. Biafarin is your new art business home, upload and keep your art data here free forever.
Unlimited Space

We believe in giving enough space to artists to keep a history of their art career and future plans in one place. No need to worry or limit yourself when uploading an artwork photo or completing your resume data. This storage has no limit.
Full Control

With a simple click, decide to publish your data to public or keep it private, you are in full control to keep your art data to yourself or to share it with the world. Store your artistic resume and all of your artworks in your free account and showcase and share only the sections and parts that you choose.

Biafarin is here to make your artistic life easier to manage. Therefore, you only need to enter your art data one time in Biafarin portal. Once your art data is there, you can use and customize it for each of 30+ art services in Biafarin portal as you see fit with no hassle.

Normally, it can be difficult to keep your online profiles and website up-to-date. With Biafarin Archive service, it is a matter of choice and takes only one click on publish button. Whenever you enter a new exhibition data, an achievement, a critique, or an artwork photo, click on publish button and Voila, the job is done. It is there; in your online profiles, pages and website. Nothing else is needed to be done ever.

Managing the administration part of your artistic career becomes easy, when you always know where each one of your artworks are and have unlimited access to your resume and art data. It gives you peace of mind to lead your art career professionally.
Time Saving

No need to waste hours finding an updated resume that is needed urgently or a new high resolution photo of an artwork or remember which artworks were displayed in an old exhibition or a media clipping or an interview text or ..., all is here, organized and easily accessible in your Biafarin Archive. Now, you have plenty of time to research your new art project and to spend your valuable time to do what you do best; create and share more art.

Currently, Biafarin portal is available in 10 languages. It means your art data can be stored, shared and sent to the world in 10 languages. Imagine how it improves your communication and chances, when you can share your resume or portfolio with art collectors in their native language.
Stylish Reports

As an artist, you receive inquiries to share or send your artistic resume, portfolio, statement, etc. Every time, you need to go through your files, spend hours and put together your latest art data. What if, every report is always available and ready for you to share or send? The magic is here and it is free. When your data is entered in Biafarin portal, creating reports is an obvious outcome. Just choose what you want to share or send, and with a few clicks, it is done.

Your art data is at your fingertips through Archive service, so is creating Catalogues, Labels, Electronic Press Kits, CVs or any other documents to communicate your art more effectively. All sales literature documents to promote your art professionally is at your disposal using Biafarin Archive for free.
Manage your artist and artworks data
Get Organized Now
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I store all my art data in Biafarin?

Yes, You can store all your artist and artworks data in Biafarin portal. There is no limitation and it is free.
How much does it cost to use my stored data for creating reports?

It is free for life. All artists who have Basic, Blue, Gold and Platinum package can use Biafarin Archive to store and manage their art career data.
Can I store my art data in any language?

You can store your art data in all 10 languages supported by Biafarin portal simultaneously and free of charge.
How can I use my stored data?

Your stored data can be used in all Biafarin services. You can submit your data in artist calls, use your art data in any of Biafarin services like sales, media, reviews or exhibition, build a dynamic website that automatically is populated with your art stored data in Biafarin and create stylish documents and reports.
Can I change my art data at any time?

You have full control and access to your archive in Biafarin portal. Unless, your art data is in use for one of Biafarin services, you can change it. For all artworks and artist data that are in use and you are not able to delete them, you can simply remove the publish tick and make them private.
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